Saturday, August 16, 2008

I miss poppy seed bagels with cream cheese (not toasted); and when I say cream cheese I mean CREAM CHEESE; where the kind workers are very liberal with their cream cheese the point where the hole in the bagel is completely filled-up with cream cheese, the more cream cheese the better!
I miss bagels from the following places in order of tastiest bagels (They have bagels here in 7-11 but they are cheese flavored! Not quite the same)
Anyway this list is open to debate, but these are my personal favs:

Brooklyn Bagel Factory (Astoria, Queens, NY)
Myrtle Bagels, Inc. (Glendale, Queens, NY)
H & H Bagels (various locations in New York, NY)
Emmons Bagels (Sheapshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY)

As an aside, I would give my left foot for some Roll 'n' Roaster (Sheepshead Bay)- google it if you must. and Carrotcake from LLoyds Carrot Cake (located in the Bronx, across the street from Van Cortland Park, North of the Burger King.......... again google it if you must, but if you haven't eaten there before, I'm sorry)

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