Monday, September 29, 2008

typhoon ho!

So there's been a serious Typhoon here the past few days, for some reason the last typhoons to come were all on the weekends. It sucks. This one apparently was the strongest of the year, they said in the newspaper that it was equal to a class 5 hurricane. It felt like it too! All day today and Sunday, we were just stuck inside. I ventured out a few times to pick up food and go to Blockbuster, but almost got blown away in the process. Good news though was that all of my classes for today got canceled! It's far there's been about 4 days when I've gotten off from work because of Typhoons. The problem is that I can't really do much (me and my roommate were planning a nice long hike yesterday but that got canceled quick), except sit inside and watch DVDs. ....its a little boring. But it beats roughing it in the streets of Taipei, my roommate showed me this video from the's the storm in all it's glory. Enjoy!

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