Thursday, April 9, 2009

Next Stop Hong Kong and Maccau

Well it's been a while since my last vacation (the end of January) and I'm getting a little restless. So I'm off again. This time to Hong Kong and Maccau but only for a few days. We're flying into Maccau (flight cost 3500 NT) on Wednesday, then hopping on a ferry over to Hong Kong. We'll stay there for a night, then back to Maccau to gamble and explore the city than back to Taipei late Friday. All in all its a pretty busy trip but thanks to my wonderful sister and here hotel deal hook up me and my girlfriend will be staying at the Westin in Maccau

for only 89 US dollars. and staying at Le Meridian in Hong Kong for only 69 US Dollars a night. (Caitlin you're a lifesaver and I owe you a night out on the town when I get back for hooking up this awesome hotel deal.)

I'm particularly excited for Maccau because apparently its known as the "Vegas of the East". I hope I get involved in a high stakes Pi Gou game with some one eyed opium dealer. Or barring that, not lose all my money at the blackjack table. I can't wait and just wish I was able to spend more time in each place. Will post about how it was for sure.

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