Tuesday, September 29, 2009

home in New York

I'm home, back in NYC. All it took was an 8 hour flight from Taipei to Anchorage, a 2 hour layover in Alaska then a 8 hour flight from Alaska to JFK. As an aside the airport in Alaska was small, rustic (complete with bison/wolf skins in display cases) and the scenery around the airport was amazing...as we flew out all we saw were snow covered mountains. Definitely a place to visit soon. However as we (mostly Taiwanese people ) arrived in Alaska we were immediately greeted by rude and gruff US Customs agents. One berated a poor elderly Taiwanese lady for not declaring the cookies she brought for her grand children as being 'food'

Ahhh good to be back in the US of A

What I've noticed so far, people here , even in New York City are a bit larger....bums are prominent and more cracked out then your average Taiwanese bum; hipsters have taken over the L line, more so then when I left; when I'm in the subway no one looks /stares at me at all; the air is so much cleaner, even in a congested city like New York; and the Italian food is amazing compared to the ketchup flavored sauce passed off as marinara in Taiwan. And also, the tap water is damn good ! All in all it's been great so far and can only get better.

Tonight I'll be hitting up the Yankee game and tomorrow after I take the GRE, I'll be going to yet another Yankee game. Overkill? I think not. Thursday I'm hightailing it down to DC, the capital of this fair country, followed by return to New york Friday morning and a bash/party/ shindig at a bar on the lower east side....then Saturday is a wedding (the reason I'm here) which promises to be epic as well....
This video comes to mind...

Time to go for a run...this fresh New York City air beckons....

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