Saturday, November 21, 2009

Chinese New YEar 2010

I just found out I will be off from ..........February 12th -February 21st (my birthday) 2010 for Chinese New Year.

This is the one vacation I get (and most Taiwanese workers get). I'm working a ton of hours now and actually will start working at a second adult school next month. With all my test prep teaching, I can honestly say that I'm pretty comfortable here money wise...I'm able to save and send back to NY A LOT of money each month and live on relatively little here...

Point being I'm planning a trip to China for this New'll realistically be my only chance to visit the "mainland" especially now that direct flights are pretty common between Taipei and China.

My tentative plan is to fly to Hong Kong...then take a train to Shanghai, then train to Beijing....see the sights then fly back to the good old R.O.C.

Who wants to join me?

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