Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cambodia calling!

Well I've booked my flight for Chinese New Year....I'm gonna go to ...drumroll please....CAMBODIA!

That's right! I booked my flight direct from Taipei to Phonm Phen. I'll be there from January 25th until January 31st. I decided on Cambodia because it was a cheap flight, it'd be a cool place to visit and I can maybe swing by Bangkok for a few days in the middle. I'm really excited. I think it'll be worth it just to visit Ankor watt. I heard that is a beautiful place. Plus seeing as how I plan on going into the human rights field, seeing a place where such travesties took place, although harrowing and really terrifying as it might be, will give me some insight into how to prevent such future events like that (I've decided that human rights work in some capacity will be my ultimate career goal)

Anyway I plan on spending a day or two in Phonm Phen (sp?) then traveling up to Ankor Watt, and maybe if I have time heading into Bangkok from there...then back to Phonm Phen to fly back to Taipei. Obviously Cambodia isn't the Bahammas and I really have to be on guard at all times. I just assume that all the cab drivers and shopkeepers will try and rip me off. But I am blessed with a better than average New York City Street sense (growing up in the mean streets of Glendale Queens toughed me up after all) and I do have experience traveling by myself. And hell, if I can make it all by my self in Taiwan for about 5 months; I think I can handle Cambodia for a week! I'm really excited! It should be an enlightening, challenging and hopefully eye opening trip....

Anyone gonna be in that area around that time? Or know anyone who will be there? Let me know....or if you feel like taking a little trip to Bangkok, flights are only about 1,000 US :)

I do want to wish everyone back home a happy Thanksgiving! I miss all my friends and family very much, especially around the holidays. I'll be working until 10pm teaching English on Thanksgiving Day so it won;t be quite the same. I am Thankful to my family for all their support on this crazy adventure of mine. And I'll be thinking of them as I search Taipei for some kind of traditional Thanksgiving grub (no luck so far). I do have Adam Sandler's Thanksgiving song on my Ipod so I'll be rocking out to that all Thanksgiving Day on the buses and streets of Taipei....

gobble gobble,

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