Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I'm old

One of my students was playing with this little toy all class. Keep in mind they are about 11 years old. I told him to put it away and do his work about 3 times. Then, and God help me for this one, after he continued to disobey me I said....and even though I'm 24 years old, I have never felt like more of a "grown-up" until I uttered this disdainful phrase....

"Put it away or I'll take it away"

ugh! I'm such a square. I hated teachers who said that. I was always the one who just wanted to play with a toy or doodle in the back of the class...I hate myself for becoming a responsible adult...
I find myself saying things to my students that I hated when other teachers said it to me ...things like "Oh, are you a teacher?" OR "I guess he wants to do more homework"

argh I hate being mature and responsible...
I'm old.

Now spit out your gum before you come to class and NO running,
-Teacher Brian

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