Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Thankful for my Family!!!

Sorry for the lack of updates...its been an amazing few weeks...first my Dad visited for Christmas, then there was New Year's then my sister and brother came for a week. We went to Kenting on the southern tip of Taiwan, rented scooters, went go karting, went swimming in the ocean, for free beer from locals, you know standard stuff really. It was an incredible trip! I'm so thankful to have an amazing, supportive and loving family. Their visit around a time when I was feeling pretty homesick gave me the shot in the arm that I needed and reminded me how special they all are. My Dad, much to the surprise of my immediate family adapted well to Taiwan. We were able to head down to Taroko Gorge, managed to get lost on the train and ended up in some little town. But also got treated like celebrities. It meant a lot to be able to show my family all the things I've done here and to welcome them into my life here.
I could not make the move out here, could not take the biggest yet most rewarding risk of my life, could not have been half the person I am today were it not for my incredible, loud, outgoing, fun and really loving family. Sorry if this rant is a little too mushy but it's been a can't all be booze and marathons. I do have some emotions....

I'll write more details about the trips but I've been so busy with Chinese classes and teaching I haven't had time to do anything as of late....but I do want to say THANK YOU to Dad Caitlin and Kevin for coming out. I hope you guys all realize how much it meant to me.
Driving around the southern tip of Taiwan on rented scooters with Kev and Caitlin is by far my best memory so far of Taiwan. Christmas Eve dinner in Taiwan with my father is a very very very close second. All the shit I've seen and done here I owe to my family's support and love....but family is the most important thing....let's not forget that...

ANyway will update more ASAP...but check out picasaweb for a little taste of my life this last month I added three new albums....enjoy, I sure as hell enjoyed taking the pictures!!!!


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