Thursday, March 12, 2009


I got an email from my boss today, saying (only a day after I dropped my classes) that the financial department has decided to not fine me for missing my class because I "am a responsible and effective teacher"
She went on to say that she will still like to discuss me dropping my classes later on.
That's very sweet of her and I'm relieved they decided not to fine me...but it's time for a change.

I'm still going to drop the classes, gonna try and find some private tutoring and see what happens. Clearly they want me to keep teaching but I think I need an upgrade and need more time to study and what not. I've switched my Chinese classes to 8 AM....8 to 10 AM everyday. This way I have all day to study more and really learn the language. But the teacher I have this semester is not as fun or encouraging as my first teacher. She teaches in a very Taiwanese style which basically is just repeating words over and over and over and over again. I really don't think this is an effective way to teach as after a while all the sounds just seem too similar. My old teacher by contrast would encourage us to talk to our classmates and practice the words that way. She taught using a more visual approach which is how I think I personally learn best. Also the teacher is from Mainland China, and it's a little tough because her accent is a lot different. In China they use a lot of ER sounds at the end of the words.
For instance to paint is HUA HUA....but she makes us say HUA HUA-R its an ugly sound and tough to deal with...

more updates to come, if only to keep Danny occupied and out of trouble.
In re: to Daniel's comments, yes I will write more...and yes they will all be exciting entries.

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Daniel said...

vindication all around!

looking forward to more, and more, and more..