Sunday, July 27, 2008

high chance of typhoon...

So there's a typhoon going on now. It's hitting Taipei pretty hard today and supposed to be worse tomorrow. It's just a lot of wind and intense rain. But people don't seem to be phased by it at all. The good thing too is that when the typhoon's get too bad here, the government shuts down all the businesses and stuff. So no work for me at either school tomorrow! But to be honest, the weather today, before it hit, was actually really nice....I went out for a loooong run and because it was so windy it was actually pretty cool. Apparently a lot of hardcore surfers go out surfing right before the typhoon hits and the waves are sick! Not gonna try that any time soon, don't worry everyone...I will go out on a board though, maybe next week when and if I head to the beach...

But it's good I have the day off. I teach my first TOEFL class on Tuesday and I still need to prepare a lot. This class is no joke I mean these people's grad school hopes are pinned on this test so I really want to put all the time in. Once again though my hours keep changing. It's really good, and so strange....I mean I came here June 14th....with nothing except 3 bulky suitcases, a BA in English, and the contact info for literally one person living in Taipei.... a little more than a month I am working for two schools, have a sick apartment, met some cool people and and having a really good time! It's so surreal...I hope I can look back on this as a great accomplishment to add to the proverbial mantle.

The teaching is really tough, but I did teach my first adult class on Thursday. I was a lot of fun. There were such a wide range of people, 30 something cocky business guy, 50 something house wife, high school kids...all with a wide range of English ability. I had them talking and jkoking with each other the whole was very informal and frankly I think that's a better way to go...the less I talk the better. Also some guy in my class named hockey as his interest!! He told me a bout a league and stuff...think I might check it out next least to get some old routines in my life again....

my new schedule for the adult school is:
Monday 730 - 930 One on one lessons,
Tuesday 7-10 TOEFL class ( the toughest one I think)
Thursday 7-10 TWO adult conversation classes back to back
Saturday ( like a month from now) TOEFL B (more advanced and ridiculously more challenging class to teach)....class from 12-3

in addition to my kid's class 430-620 M-F
It's a busy schedule but honestly, I'll be getting a lot of money for it and still be working only about 20 hours a week.
The saddest or greatest thing about this(I guess depending your perspective, personally I think it's a mixed blessing); is that with all these new hours I'll basically be making as much as I was as a paralegal! Only I'm paying a 1/3 in rent, 1/3 in food and most importantly 1/3 in beer and clubs. As an aside though the clubs and bars here play such OLD music. Seriously if I have to hear:
"Engine, engine Number 9
On the New York Transit Line
If my train goes off the track
Pick it up!
Pick it up!
Pick it up!" more time....I think I may fly back to NY right then. And everyone gets so excited for it when it comes it's brand new. Annoying...

Aside from that I'm just amazed that I've pulled this off...I'm still waiting for someone to call me out on my lack of experience or qualifications...

can I get a wha wha,

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