Tuesday, July 22, 2008

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Ok so while I procrastinate making up a test for my 11 year olds, and put -off my lesson plans for all my classes, I figured I'd post some more pics. My blog has been a bit too wordy as of late, plus I'm more of a visual learner anyway...so here are some pictures of my weekend trip to Hsin Chu. These are all at this very traditional market outside of the city itself...


This is by far one of my favorite pictures in all of Taiwan....
Poor writer of the hat didn't have a very good English teacher...see what happens when you don't want to learn grammar!!

If you can't read it, it says : "99%, The sunbonnet which can resist Ultraviolet Ray. This product can resist 99% ultraviolet irradation efficiently. It can trotect skins of face very much. It is a good idea to have it when you go out for a grip."

Fan hat:

Guy playing some good tunes outside a 200 year old temple:

200 Hundred Year-old temple in Beipu:

I finally learned the proper things to do when I go into a temple:

Traditional Market, 1. Assorted meats and bugs 2. Spicy fish and anchovy dishes, which actually were really good 3. some random veggies I don't know and 3. old man with insane eyebrows...

Dinner at a night market type place back in Hsin-Chu...

Felicia sat down with a random family while we waited:

Our Beipu/Hsin-Chu tour guide, Micheal

Trying to eat/cut up these famous and delicious meatballs:

The aftermath of a great meal:

These giant beetles were on sale for 100 NT in the market (like 3 $ US)...almost bought one, but would be worried it would eat me while I slept...

They only come out 3 months during the year to mate....These two are trying to make the most of their time...felt bad for interrupting this private moment:

Eh when in Rome:

Joy, Felicia and Sophia (my boss) gave the beetles a try:

So did Andrew, 60 something years old, still teaching English, God bless him:

The whole Hsin-Chu weekend crew:

Alright that killed some time....time to make up a test for 11 year olds. I think I'm going to bring in a picture of that hat, to show what happens to people who don't pay attention during Grammar lessons.....


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