Monday, July 20, 2009


As I wrote previously, my freckles have been a fascination here, an oddity that causes great confusion and wonderment, like a bearded lady or some kind of seal boy you'd see at Coney Island. Even grown-ups have asked me about them. At first all the interest was flattering but not so much anymore....I did have to following conversation with my new class on Friday give you all a glimpse as to some of the responses my freckles elicit.
Student: "Teacher why do you have so many dots on your arms?"
me: What these? They are called FRECKLES. Let's say it together F-R-E-C-K-L-E-S. Good" (I always use times like this to teach new vocabulary which I find they will more easily remember if it is in the context of something new or interesting)
Student: "Why can't you wash them off? Are they Permanent?" (a vocabulary word we just learned)
Me: "Good use of the vocabulary word. Yes they are PERMANENT. Not TEMPORARY (another vocab word). Who remembers what temporary means?"
Student: "lasting for a short time, not forever"
Me: "very good!" Yes these are not temporary and they come from sitting in the sun too much."
Student: "Why don't you put on lotion?"
Me: "They still come up. Even if I put on lotion"
Student: "Nei ge chi guia!" (Chinese for very strange)
Me: " No Chinese!" It's not strange in my country a lot of people have freckles"
Student: It looks like not healthy. Do they hurt?"
Me: "No not at all"
Student: "well I don't want them they look too strange"
Me: " Well in America we say that the more freckles you have the more money you'll get when you are older. Every freckle you are supposed to get one US dollar!"
Student: "Really? Is that true? Wow...I do see one here on my arm"
Another Student: " Me too I have two by my foot!"
(The rest of the students than looked around themselves to see if they had any)
Student: "Wow teacher you must be rich! I want freckles now!!!"


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Venus said...

innocent kids and evil teacher haha!