Thursday, July 9, 2009

long time no post

So my fans have been clamoring (maybe that's an unfair word...let's say requesting politely) that I update my blog and in truth it has been a long time. Probably the longest I've gone without updating. But it's too hot in Taipei and typing burns precious calories. It's been an eventful month and half and I've done and experienced some great things. The highlights include but are not limited to the following:

Hiking and camping on a 3,400 Meter mountain top

riding a scooter 5 hours through the rain to get to said mountain top

A trip to Taichung, by far my favorite city in Taiwan so far,

Quiting work at my adult school,

celebrating my year anniversary of being in Taiwan (wow still hard to believe)

brimming with pride as my students graduated from the school and one actually told me "Thank you"

Starting a new Chinese class

Starting a new class with a great bunch of fun, smart and happy students

Finding out that due to lack of students my kids' school will have to let me go and therefore as of September I'll be jobless once again...

And most recently a spontaneous and amazing trip to Seoul, South Korea (I just got back on Sunday)

Each of these deserves a serious post and I promise that in the coming days I will expand and discuss all of these adventures including pictures. So stay tuned...updates galore will happen soon :)



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