Wednesday, July 15, 2009

One more year ! One more year!

Just picked up my new ARC (alien resident card). The ARC is the key to unlocking all the mysteries of Taiwan...ARC ARC is to teachers what the Golden Ticket is to Charlie OR what LSD is to the Merry get the idea.. With it I can work, rent an apartment, pay taxes, get National Health Insurance, buy a car, rent a car, buy a house (if I'm so inclined), get into R rated movies, maybe adopt a dog (I haven't looked into that one), rent movies from blockbuster....etc. The ARC will be valid until July 28, 2010. I just got a new job as well teaching exclusively adults at a VERY popular cram school here. Popular equals expensive here. I'll start there full time around September. It's amazing that a little over a year ago I just basically showed real plan, no job and to be honest I was pretty sure I'd be back in NY...tail between my legs sometime in August of last year. But one year later....I've extended this crazy adventure another year.

Usually I get restless if I spend more than a year doing one thing or living in one Taiwan must be doing something right to keep me here. Even though I do feel the restlessness simmering....I'll see what happens....jiao yo jiao yo!!!


Oh yea I updated my pictures on picasaweb from my trip to Korea last week. Some got deleted but I managed to salvage some of them. ENJOY!