Friday, July 31, 2009

Touching Writing assignment

Today was Friday so that meant it was Creative Writing lesson. Today's lesson was writing a paragraph. I asked my students to write a paragraph about what they thought was the best or worst thing about school and to give reasons. Most kids wrote that computer class was the best part because "you could talk to your friends on MSN or Yahoo; it was easy; and you don't have to sit properly"
All pretty good reasons.
One kid though (the best student in the class) wrote the following:
" The best part of this school is teacher Brian. He loves to teach and always answers our questions. He gives us a lot of work but if we are good he gives us less homework. And he always plays games with us and makes English more fun. He is the coolest teacher in the school and that's why I think it is the best part"

Stark contrast with another student who wrote
"I think the worst part of school is all of it and everything! The End"


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Kev said...

that kid's just trying to get some extra points. he's not sincere