Saturday, August 1, 2009

I'm Going to KENYA!!!!

It may seem that my decisions are often rash and impulsive. This may be so, I mean coming here was certainly impulsive. Quitting my job a few months ago was also impulsive. It may also seem that I do some crazy things often without a second thought before hand (skydiving, marathons, spontaneous trips).... But this is only half of how I function. Yes I do make some impulsive decisions, BUT I usually think hard about some of the more important ones, those few decisions that have the power to alter the course of my life, ideally but not always for the better. For example coming to Taiwan....obviously it was a huge decision that no doubt changed the course of my life. But I researched the hell out of this before I got here. Spent hours talking to people, looking up the best schools, spent hours in a course on how to teach. And once all of that had been processed, I told everyone about my decision.

My problem is that once I tell myself I am going to do something I need to do it, to the best of my ability. Even if the idea is only stirring somewhere in my head, once if bubbles up to the surface I need to make it happen. Especially an idea that is life changing, like coming to Taiwan....

SO (and thanks for staying with me up until this point) it is in this vain that I decided I'M GOING TO KENYA!

My cousin and her husband are living there now and recently I started researching teaching English there. I found a volunteer program where I would be teaching English in Kenya. I decided to do the six week program. I signed up, put down a deposit all last week.
I don't have all the details but I will be staying with a host family there and teaching 9-5 five days a week. The volunteer program starts June 15, 2010 and runs for 6 weeks. I'm planning on flying there from Bangkok sometime in late May, early June....

Should be a real challenge and a big difference from Taiwan....but I'm up for it. And it promises to be one of those decisions....that 10 years from now I can look back and say, "I'm better off for making that choice"

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