Thursday, August 27, 2009

Zai Jian E5 class

Another lesson I learned from teaching yesterday:

Teaching 5 11-year old Taiwanese kids the difference between the future simple and future continuous, in August, at 530 in the afternoon, for 2 hours, on a sunny day, when it is 95 degrees outside and the Air Conditioner is not fun.
Lesson Learned

Tomorrow will be my last day at my kids' school. As much as I disliked teaching kids I think the positive aspects of it far outweighed the negative ones. It was actually a lot of fun. My class this term is so full of energy and life and lots of fun. I really enjoyed teaching this bunch. I realize I got pretty lucky in terms of my kids' school. The director is a great woman who really cares about the kids well-being and education. And as a result she's able to recruit like minded teachers. It's not a chain or English making factory like so many other schools here and the teachers aren't just hired because they have a white face. She takes time to observe to give feedback to help with lesson planning and consult with parents about the teachers. She has been incredibly generous and kind giving me this job and I will miss everyone there a lot. far the best job I've ever had, even though at times it was a serious challenge (see above) Still I've had lots of jobs and this is by far the most challenging most rewarding job I've had; and teaching these kids for the last year or so has been one of the most challenging and rewarding things I've done in my life !!!
(I'm gonna take some pictures tomorrow and try and post them)


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