Thursday, August 13, 2009

Typhoon Morakot

Thanks for all the concern about the Typhoon. The typhoon was most damaging in the South of the island and on the West coast near Taichung. But Taipei was relatively unscathed. Last weekend Taiwan had it's worst typhoon in 50 years. There was a huge landslide ; a river that was normally 10m wide had spread to 800 meters was also responsible for the collapse of this hotel. 20 or so bridges were destroyed, several villages were also destroyed and thousands are homeless or missing. It was a serious tragedy. Relief efforts are still underway. Luckily all of my friends who have relatives or live in the Taichung area are ok. It really puts things in perspective and helps us realize how lucky we are....things like this just solidify my view that we have a responsibility to help those in need, whatever the cause or however great the need...... I've already donated some of my hard earned NT to help and if you'd like to help the victims, the Taiwanese government has set up a relief fund for people outside of Taiwan to help out. If you want to donate to help the victims this would be the best option.

Here is the Taiwan USA representatives office


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