Thursday, August 6, 2009


The following is a word-for-word excerpt from my Kenya volunteer program guide:

" Toileting may be quite a new experience for you if you have never had the opportunity to use a 'squat' toilet. A squat toilet is used by squatting rather than sitting over a hole in the ground. In rural Kenya squat toilets are common place. Toilet paper is sold in Kenya but public toilets tend not to supply this so it is worth carrying a personal supply with you. When using toilet paper it is a good idea to check first to make sure it will not cause a blockage in pipes."

Thanks for the info.....but thanks to my time in Taiwan I am ALL too familiar with the joys of squat toilets or "Squatties" as I've affectionately been calling them. My experiences with said toilets have included an emergency stop during the Taroko Gorge marathon, and several other experiences I'd rather not get into here....
Kenya: you best be warned... I am ready for your squatters! Taiwan has prepared me well..I will say this though; when I first got to Taiwan, I'll admit, my biggest fear was the squat toilet. I'm dead serious. I heard all these horror stories about them. I wasn't worried about the language, the food, the culture, finding a job, finding an apartment......but I was petrified of squat toilets. My assumption was that there were no regular toilets on the entire island. My goal was to find an apartment without a squater ....I was willing to pay top dollar for it too......
As a precaution I packed in my suitcase two rolls of Scotts Toilet paper. And for the first week, I carried some with me because I heard public toilets didn't have toilet paper......What a naive man I was.

I'll be ready for you Kenya...bring on your Squatters!

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